Technology & Operations Information (MIS) & Operating Systems & Controls

Spielman Koenigsberg & Parker assists clients in the development of business strategies to help fuel business growth by the development of comprehensive management information systems (MIS). These strategies are based upon our unbiased assessment of the client’s existing adequacy to meet their short- and long-term goals and objectives given current resource constraints.

In addition to assisting our clients with strategic planning, SKP provides assistance to our clients in development of effective managerial accounting and responsibility reporting systems as well as operational systems to control critical day-to-day issues including; purchasing, inventory, flow of goods, billing & collection and accounts payable.

Financial Planning & Budgeting

Prospective financial information—which evaluates a business’ past, present and future trends—is of interest not only to management, but to a broad spectrum of other parties including: security holders, present & potential lenders, potential investors and the public.

SKP assists in the preparation of prospective financial information such as forecasts, projections and budgets based on current economic indicators and management’s assumptions.

Executive Compensation

In designing a compensation plan at SKP, we work closely with our clients to recognize and integrate their organizations long-term strategic objectives and short-term tactical requirements.

The plan is developed through a series of discovery and assessment activities. Broadly speaking, we look at job requirements, performance standards, and organizational recognition and rewards programs.

To be successful, the agreed upon plan must be able to transmit a message understood and accepted by all employees: they are valued contributors to organizational success and that the organization is willing to share the rewards of its success in an equitable manner.

Succession Planning

Of special concern to owners of closely held businesses is the question of succession. This is particularly true in so-called Family Businesses. Fewer than 30% of successful family owned businesses remain in family control in the second generation, and less than 10% in the third.

SKP works with the owner(s) of closely held business(es)—their attorneys and other advisors—to assist them in developing a comprehensive succession plan.

Among the important issues we consider are:

  • Personal objectives of the owner(s) and of the potential successor(s)
  • Business skills and commitment of the potential successor(s)
  • Financial considerations of the owner(s) and potential successor(s)
  • Distinction between management responsibilities and ownership benefits
  • Alternate methods of achieving the succession plan, including tax implications