Forensic Accounting

At SKP, we approach Forensic Accounting with the objective of building a case so compelling that costly and time-consuming litigation is ultimately avoided, yet we are fully prepared to assist our client's attorneys should litigation prove unavoidable. We bring to each assignment our comprehensive accounting, audit and investigative skills, looking beyond the numbers to deal with the underlying business reality.

SKP’s diverse experience includes business valuations, tax liability, commercial and tax fraud, damage determination on contract disputes and/or terminations, as well as assisting legal counsel in award and matrimonial settlements.

Our specific roles have included:

  • Investigations, both criminal and civil
  • Preparation and review of evidence
  • Submission of expert reports
  • Expert testimony in court
  • Assistance in arbitration, mediation or alternative dispute resolution (ADR)
  • Fraud prevention and awareness strategies

While every case is different, SKP has the background, experience and skills to assist our clients with these complex issues. We work closely with their attorneys to ensure that financial implications of legal solutions are fully understood. Our efforts in this area can help reduce costs, protect assets and mitigate future risks.