Licensing, Royalty & Participation Examinations 

Spielman Koenigsberg & Parker is an acknowledged leader in the field of Licensing, Royalty & Participation Examinations. With a diverse client base across the Fashion, Sports, Entertainment and Confectionary industries, among others, our expertise and experience in assisting clients recoup underpaid royalties and profits and protect their intellectual properties have produced outstanding results. As a member of LIMA (Licensing Industry Merchandisers’ Association), we continuously stay up to date on industry trends  and use this knowledge to identify instances when a licensee may be trending away from the rest of the industry.

While every examination is as unique as the contractual terms upon which it is based, our goals almost always remain the same:

  • To ensure that the licensee has accurately reported and paid the full contractual amount due in a timely manner
  • To ensure that the licensee has paid royalties and profits on all products that contain the intellectual property
  • To ensure that licensed products have been approved prior to being manufactured or sold and that no unauthorized or unapproved products are manufactured or sold
  • To ensure that the licensee has adhered to the compliance provisions within the license agreement, such as advertising and marketing contributions, territorial and distribution channel restrictions, insurance and labeling requirements, etc.

Focusing on these goals, in the past year alone, we were successful in recovering millions of dollars in underpaid royalties and profits for our clients and identifying areas in which our clients’ intellectual properties were not being exploited in the manner in which they were intended.

Though SKP has earned its reputation through these examinations, our range of services does not stop there. Our years of experience conducting these examinations have allowed us to be able to identify recurring problem areas within license agreements. We have applied this knowledge to developing a “Best Practices” approach, which has enabled us to assist our clients in creating new license agreements that can minimize costly future disputes.

For those licensors and licensees that are either new to the business or are looking to outsource their royalty/participation accounting and management, our familiarity with established licensing programs has made us experts in the way a successful program should be set up and managed. Whether it’s providing contract summaries that allow your accounting department to effectively monitor your licensees, establishing internal controls that allow your accounting department to accurately report sales and royalties/profits to your licensors, or simply managing your royalty/participation accounting function on your behalf, SKP has a proven track record.

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