Real Estate

Operating a real estate venture has never been more exciting.  Whether your objective is to develop land or commercial property or to maintain an existing portfolio of properties, there are many issues to consider.  Our goal is to give real estate developers and investors an accurate picture of "where you are" and a sound plan for getting where you want to be.

Based on our extensive experience with real estate companies, we can provide owners and developers of real estate creative solutions to help manage cash flow, develop innovative tax strategies and work together with management in evaluating transactions.

Below is a sample of types of services we provide to our real estate clients:

  • Conduct audit and attest services on financial statements
  • Preparation of Federal, state and local tax returns and provide tax consultation to       minimize tax liabilities.
  • Provide assistance regarding mergers and acquisitions of real estate entities.
  • Conduct examinations of construction activity costs.  Including the comparison to budgets and other construction contracts.  Assist in the determination of fraudulent charges by contractors.
  • Provide cash flow and budgeting analysis.
  • Outsourced accounting/controllership services.
  • Assistance in the application for property tax reductions.